A Well-Behaved Woman, digital media, 2020

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, I will be creating graphic posters featuring empowering quotes from feminist icons.

Ironically Nautical Identity System, digital media, 2019-2020

A commission to design a logo for @ironicallynautical on Instagram. I was asked to use blue and orange to match the aesthetics of her page, and to include an anchor. I created the vector anchor image in Illustrator, and added text. Afterwards, I created a business card based around the logo.

Preservation Society of Newport County, 2019

During the Spring of 2019, I interned with the Preservation Society of Newport County. During my time with the organization, I developed handouts, admission signs, as well as rack cards.

Senior Honors Thesis Exhibition Postcard, 2019

My thesis group had a competition for a postcard design detailing the 2019 show. I created the first design, which won the competition. The design utilizes a holga photograph from another thesis student, Veronica Beretta, with the fonts Avenir and Umbra Std. After making adjustments as a group, we decided on the last design as the final postcard.

Vietnam Memorial Wall Logos, 2019

As part of a collaboration between Salve Regina’s AIGA chapter and Enactus, I created logos for the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Fall River, MA. I utilized the colors of the Vietnam Service Medal to create the colorized concepts.

Juried Senior Show Postcard, 2019

As part of a collaboration between Salve Regina’s AIGA chapter and Enactus, I created logos These two designs were developed as part of a postcard design contest. As the show took place at the end of spring semester, the colors of the first design reflect summer while the colors reflect spring.

Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun Biological Collage, 2019

This collage was created for my Illustration II class. When picking a historical person to base the project on, I knew I wanted to choose a woman artist, and initially I was torn between Madame LeBrun and Artemisia Gentileschi. I decided on Madame Lebrun since she is far less known, and I wanted her story to be told. 

Class of 2019 T-Shirt Designs, 2019

These three designs were created for the Salve Regina Class of 2019. Students ultimately voted on which design they preferred f or their t-shirt.

Best of Salve Students Show Poster, 2018

I made this poster to promote the Best of Salve Students Show 2018. This poster primarily utilizes typography, with a paint splatter effect created in Illustrator.

Nature Walk Zine, 2017

Nature Walk is a color study, using a shade of yellow and a shade of turquoise as the primary colors. After establishing these two shades as my primary colors, I went on to develop two secondary colors and three tertiary colors to complement the yellow and turquoise. With these colors as my inspiration, I began collecting photographs, sea glass, and other small items in order to showcase the colors. I then created a twelve page, 5.5″x8.5″ inch zine promoting my colors.

Kirstin Lamb Exhibition Poster, 2017

I designed a poster promoting the Dorrance H. Hamilton Gallery exhibition Kirstin Lamb Artist-in-Residence. Using a painting by Lamb, I added the image vertically and added informational text regarding the show.

Various Advertisements for the Dorrance H. Hamilton Gallery, 2017

These advertisements were designed while I worked for the Dorrance H. Hamilton Gallery. These designs promote upcoming exhibitions at the gallery.

Odile Type Specimen Study, 2017

For this project, I selected the type specimen “Odile” by Sibylle Hagmann. Using this as my source, I created nine panels each measuring 12″x12″ that studied the different families of Odile. The panels can be arranged in a variety of ways.

The Elephant Man Poster and Postcard, 2017

This poster and accompanying postcard were designed in fall 2017 for The Elephant Man, an upcoming show at Salve Regina University. The poster includes the show dates, director, and author of the play.

Fear of the Unknown, 2017

This poster was created for my Graphic Design III class in the spring of 2017. Telling a story from top to bottom, the work incorporates vector images along with typography.

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