Graphic Identity, 2019

For a final project in my senior year, I was to create a visual autobiography detailing my life. I decided on an illustrative collage containing important information about my life. My main inspiration for this project was  James Gulliver Hancock’s artwork in his book Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers: Portraits of Fifty Famous Folks & All Their Weird Stuff. 

Pretty is as Pretty Does, 2018

This series was created as a project in my Portfolio class. The use of typography and digital painting subtly examines feminism and gender stereotypes. I used the font Gautreaux by Victoria Rushton, as I wanted all aspects of the work to be created by women.

Character designs, 2018-2020

A series of character designs and paintings from 2018 to now. I use character studies in order to practice digital painting.

Self Portrait, 2018

To practice digital painting, I created a self portrait from a photo reference.

Untitled One, 2018

I created the black and white design digitally, and then printed it on a large format printer. Afterwards, I went and added the color by hand using watercolor paint.

Analog Self Portraits, 2016

These self portraits were done in graphite and chalk on grey-toned paper. From these, I began experimenting with digital illustration.

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